Facts and Figures (compiled from registered vehicles)
Updated 7/15/07!
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Facts and Figures

Interior Stats:

Interior Codes
First two characters are the type of interior:
H2 is Premium Bench Seat, RR only; M2 is Standard Bench Seat, RR only
P3 is Premium Bench Seat, GTX only; P6 is Premium Bucket Seat, RR or GTX

Last two characters are the color of interior:
B5 = Blue; BW = White w/Blue Trim; F8 = Green; K4 = Burnt Orange
KW = White w/Burnt Orange Trim; T5 = SaddleTan; X9 = Black; XW = White w/Black Trim
XY = Gold w/Black Trim

Air Grabber Stats

Stripe Stats

Vinyl Top and Performance Hood Paint Stats

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