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Registration Instructions: to register a car, all that's required is to complete the form below and submit it.

If you do not have a fender tag or buildsheet for the car, please email me first. Although partial car information is still important to record, cars without fender tags or buildsheet do not provide enough info to include with the options and color charts shown on the website.

Important Note: The information you provide is confidential and WILL NOT be used in any way detremental.

Registration Notes
You can register any 70 Roadrunner or GTX whether you own it or not.
For example, if you see a car in a junkyard, at a show or for sale and you can record the fender tag codes and other information, please submit the data. (The more cars registered, the more accurate the data we provide becomes!)

Info provided is used to compile the data that is shown elsewhere on this site. For example; the color of each car registered will be used to produce a chart showing all colors, the number of registered cars per color, and what percentage that is of the total number of registered cars.

Factory Options:Only include the options the car was equipped with from the factory. These options may or may not appear on the Fender Tag but will appear on the Buildsheet. Owner modifications should NOT be included.
Check if equipped:

Check if equipped:

Check if equipped:
Light Package (A01)
Basic Group Package (A04)
High Performance Axle Pack (A31)
Super Performance Axle Pack (A32)
Track Pack (A33)
Super Track Pack (A34)
Performance Axle Pack (A36)
Decor Group (A87)
Disc Brakes (B41)
Power Brakes (B51)
Deluxe Seat Belts (C15)
Console (C16)
Buddy Seat (C21)
Bucket Seats (C55)
Six Way Driver Seat (C62)
Bench Seat (C65)
Tinted Glass (G11)
Tinted WIndshield (G15)
Passenger Side Mirror (G31)
Remote Drivers Side Mirror (G33)
Rear Defroster (H31)
Air Conditioning (H51)
Pedal Dressup (J41)
Hood Pins (J45)
Undercoat/Hood Pad (J55)
Rear Spoiler (J81)
Door Edge Mouldings (M05)
Wide Sill Mouldings (M25)
Belt Mouldings (M31)
Chrome Exhaust Tips (N42)
Max Cooling (N51)
Tach (N85)
California Emissions (N95)
Air Grabber Hood (N96)
Noise Reduction Package (N97)
Power Windows (P31)
AM Radio (R11)
FM Radio (R21)
Am/8 Track Radio(R22)
Rear Speaker (R31)
Power Steering (S77)
Woodgrain Steering Wheel (S81)
Deluxe Wheel Covers (W11)
Wire Wheel Covers (W15)
Rallye Wheels (W21)14" or 15"
Road Wheels (W23)
Performance Hood Paint (V21)

GTX Stripe:
Side Stripe Color

Road Runner Stripes:
Decklid Stripe Color

Dust Trail Stripes

Additional Options:

(Indicate other factory options not shown above)


Other Comments:

Fender Tag Codes:Note:
If you're not supplying the fender tag codes because all you have is a buildsheet, please check the box below and complete the following info, otherwise filling out the fender tag codes is sufficient.
check for buildsheet only with no fender tag available
serial number (at least the first 10 digits)
transmission (3-speed, 4-speed or automatic)
exterior color code
vinyl top or painted top color code (if equipped)
interior color code
the build date

If you don't have a buildsheet or fender tag, please see the note at the top of this page.

Row 6 (top)
Row 5
Row 4
Row 3
Row 2
Row 1 (bottom)

Name: (optional)
Address: (optional)
Phone No: (optional)
(see note)
Note: an email address must be entered for the form to work. If you wish to remain anonymous, please type the following:

  Questions? Contact us at:

  Air Grabber Info
(Compiled from the 606 cars in the registry as of 1/31/01)

This is an example of the type of information that will be provided on this site. Additional statistics are shown in graphical format on the Registry Facts and Figures pages.

Road Runner Coupes (Out of 112 cars)
-Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 39
-Not Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 66
-Not Applicable (cars equipped with A/C): 7
-Percentage of coupes equipped with Air Grabber: 35%

Road Runner Hardtops (Out of 183 cars)
-Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 84
-Not Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 82
-Not Applicable (cars equipped with A/C): 16
-Info not provided: 1
-Percentage of hardtops equipped with Air Grabber: 46%

Road Runner Convertibles (Out of 36 cars)
-Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 9
-Not Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 24
-Not Applicable (cars equipped with A/C): 3
-Percentage of convertibles equipped with Air Grabber: 25%

GTX's (Out of 275 cars)
-Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 134
-Not Equipped with Air Grabber Hood: 90
-Not Applicable (cars equipped with A/C): 46
-Info not provided: 5
-Percentage of GTX's equipped with Air Grabber: 49%


Comments? Contact us at:

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